Squeeze Me Skinny Black


Our waist trainer is uniquely designed with three rows of hooks, setting it apart from any other in the market. It’s the ideal companion for daily waist training and various activities.

This gym buddy doesn’t just stop at providing exceptional back support and tummy control; it also ramps up the heat in your targeted areas.

This extra boost in body heat accelerates inch loss, surpassing the results achievable with diet and exercise alone. Say hello to your new fitness essential!

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Transform your silhouette instantly with our Squeeze Me Skinny Waist Trainer Belt. This waist trainer isn’t just a trend; it’s a lifestyle choice embraced by both celebrities and everyday women. Crafted from a premium blend of lycra and cotton, our waist trainers offer sweat-wicking properties that enhance your workouts. The Flexi-Boning rods provide structure while allowing comfortable movement. Dual layered with a latex exterior and breathable cotton lining, they ensure maximum waist training without sacrificing all-day comfort. Our Waist Trainer is versatile. You can wear it during activities or throughout the day to supercharge your results. Its medium compression strikes a balance between freedom in the gym and figure-contouring power.

Key Features:

– Custom designed by Squeez)Me(Skinny.
– Tummy control for that coveted hourglass shape.
– Ideal for both sports and everyday wear.
– Increases sweat, promoting fat oxidation in the targeted area.
– Made from our exclusive latex with an inner cotton layer for unparalleled comfort.
– Promotes better posture.
– Equipped with 3 rows of hooks for a tailored fit.
– Perfect for exercising, walks, and workouts.
– Experience the benefits of this waist trainer and get closer to your waist-slimming goals with every wear.


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