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Cyclic dextrin is a quality carbohydrate source that has Super-fast gastric emptying due to its high molecular weight & low osmolality.

Jlab Cyclic Dextrin supports fast absorption of nutrients, therefore, causing minimal gastric distress. Ideal carb source for immediate glycogen replenishment post depleted state, as well as to stack with  Glutamine, Creatine, BCAAs & EAAs, making for an ideal peri-workout nutrition combination.

It is often utilized in post-workout nutrition with Whey Protein and can be used in combination with JLab’s BCAA Nhanced as an intra-workout.

Due to its  high solubility, it ensures it mixes better & dissolves more fully and can thus be better absorbed by the body than most other traditional carbohydrate supplements

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4 reviews for CYCLIC DEXTRIN

  1. Jose

    JLab has created an amazing product that guarantees insane pumps and an explosive work out

  2. Glenn

    20 to 30g of this plus one scoop of the bcaa, either before training or while makes my workouts great especially the morning ones. I recommend everyone should try it the best.

  3. Clayton Collins

    Sustains me right through my workouts. I can definitely feel and see the difference when I use CYCLIC and when not. I don’t feel sluggish during and after my workouts and it gives great ‘PUMPS’! I would recommend JLAB CYCLIC DEXTRIN to everyone.

  4. Wayde the Warrior Groth

    Since I started the J-lab cyclic Dextrin I immediately felt my energy levels and willingness to train during my morning workouts improve. I was doing a second intense training session in the evening; within the first week my recovery was better, and body did not feel as battered between my sparring sessions. I highly recommend using this impressive product

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