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Welcome to a new year, I hope everyone had a great festive season, some good food and that you took some time off from the gym.

As we start the New Year I would recommend that, before you get into any serious training plan, sit down with your advisor, coach trainer, or by yourself and map out a plan for the rest of the year ahead.

Here are some guidelines I would recommend when planning your season.

Choose shows wisely so that they are spaced out appropriately, to give yourself enough time to prepare.

Once you have chosen your first show start working backward to where you are now (i.e. 16 weeks out), which should be January. For example, if the first show you want to do is in August then you are roughly seven months out from the show.

Sit down with your coach, trainer, or advisor and the plan out your prep into periodization phases to ensure that you are ready to come showtime, or, if it’s your warm-up show, that you are 95% ready.

Depending on your condition you and your advisor will have to determine how many months of prep you will need. For instance, if you determine that you need four months of prep because your off-season wasn’t that well monitored and you have gained some unwanted weight, then you only have 4 months left before your pre-contest 12 weeks phase starts. You would need to start focusing on conditioning the muscle quality instead of focusing on size still. You would also need to identify any weak areas/muscle groups from your last season that would need extra focus in the early part of your yearly plan. I would also suggest getting your conditioning right by getting harder and leaner from the start by cleaning up the diet and consuming cleaner calories. By doing this you will not have to get too drastic with your diet come the 12 weeks prep phase.

Lastly, I strongly advise that you work with someone experienced and Knowledgeable who can assist you in achieving your goals.

On a final note, if you are disciplined and stick to your game plan, you will achieve the results you desire this season

Good Luck!!

Taken from the Guru Column (Muscle Evolution Mag)

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