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Julian "Jules" Naidoo

My wonderful career in the bodybuilding/fitness industry began the very first day I walked into a gym in the early 90’s. Back then gym environments were predominantly male domains, no-frills – nothing like the modern gym of today. We are talking hardcore, serious and raw. It was not long before I was competing, but with a few coaches to mentor young talent in KZN, it was ridiculously hard going.

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The Competitive Edge

All the competitors in the industry guarded their secrets well and you extremely fortunate if someone took you under their wing to mentor and guide you.It was then I decided that if I were able to help others in the sport, I would so unreservedly. During my competitive years, I had many years of success which were filled with many learning curves. I had so much to learn about my body, like how to fuel it to get optimum results before a show. With no internet back then, everything was learned on the go!

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