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I believe anyone can achieve results regardless of age, body type, and starting point. By following my methods, you really will be blown away by how you can change your body shape, overall fitness, and exceed your expectations.

Coach Jules

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My plans are suitable for anyone wanting to achieve exceptional results in record time. Whether you are getting ready for a wedding, attaining the beach body or gracing the competitive stage.

Coach Jules

Coaching Services

Home Personal

With 1 on 1 in person training my clients have my undivided attention throughout every rep and set, making sure we get an effective workout to help us get one step closer to our goal.

Muscle &
Strength Gain

My effective coaching plans aimed at muscle and strength training are designed with the primary focus of increasing your strength output as well as gaining muscle density.

Nutrition &
Meal Plans

My nutritional coaching plans are structured to include a carefully planned and calculated eating / nutritional plan to assist you in achieving your nutritional goals.

Weight Loss /

Customised strength workouts and cardiovascular conditioning used in conjunction with a nutritionally calculated eating plan to assist with the results we set out to achieve.

Bodybuilding &

For competitive athletes / clients. Consists of a long term and short term goals. Phase orientated structure to not only work on lagging muscle groups but also produce and present a work of art come stage day.


High performance and customized endurance training plans. Perfectly designed training plans to preparation for the peaking of an event or for athletes and sport related occupations.


Great training program for groups (ideally 2-4 people) Designed to accommodate “buddy training systems” via our online app platform. customized diets will still be given to every individual within this group.


From our own JLab fitness brand to popular household supplements, we supply the best quality range of fitness supplements. We also supply supplements useful in our training and coaching programmes.

What my clients say

“Undoubtedly one of the best decisions I’ve taken up this year. He has made me realize the importance of discipline and extreme hard work combined, anything in life can be achieved. Thank you coach”

Khanyolwethu Philip

“Jules has a wealth of knowledge which he shares in abundance and creates a holistic view on training and nutrition. Even with a busy lifestyle, he has allowed me to achieve and surpass my training goals”

Anton Badenhorst

“He is patient with me and my ups and downs, changes plans to my requests without hesitation and I have never had to ask twice or follow up for him to do something. It’s always done & right on time”

Bronwyn Len

“Julian has been amazing he truly caters to your needs and designs a program to fit your lifestyle and preferences. He accommodated our extremely busy schedules and is always on call to tweak your program..”

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